"If I were to select a single actor who I would expect to see doing classical performances for many years to come, solely on the basis of this production, it would be the excellent Pavey as Ophelia. She seizes an opportunity to establish her character with her first exchange with Laertes, and she does: a strong-willed, self-confident young lady, possessed of considerable wit and the will to use it. When her father forbids her from seeing Hamlet, her voice shows a complex set of emotions. She is being told to give up something she values highly; she knows she’s good for Hamlet (we do too) but she responds not just out of a sense of duty but because she loves Polonius. When she sings her mad songs (she has a very fine voice) after the death of Polonius, she bites off each line in anger, and we understand that the anger is directed at herself, since if she had defied her father, none of this, she thinks, would have happened. It is a wonderfully committed and consistent performance, and a convincing one."

Tim Treanor, DC Theatre Scene on ACA Radio Rep (link to full review)

"...engaging in the witty banters and humors with Katherine (Morgan Pavey, who does an exceptional job in all her scenes as Katherine and has the most expressive and animated facial expressions)..."

- Theatre Bloom on Henry V at CSC

"I wish there were time and space to praise the individual cast members in detail. I liked them all, especially Morgan Pavey, lively and game as Princess Katherine...."

Jack L.B. Gohn, Broadwayworld.com on Henry V at CSC