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Hello Again

Welcome, Agents and Casting Professionals of the World. I am ready to work with you!


My main goal in becoming part of an Agent - Actor Team is to get my foot in more doors, more often, because I really do love this game.

By sharing - in brief - the highlights of my last couple years, I hope to convince you that I am worth your further collaboration and investment.

As ever: thank you for stopping by.

My Career in the Pandemic Times, Briefly:

  • In March of 2020, I was actively earning my MFA in Classical Acting while also in final callbacks with Theresa Rebeck for a premier of her new play at Arena Stage in Washington, D.C. I was placed "on-hold" when auditions had to pause, and ultimately released as the season was cancelled and the world went virtual. I successfully completed my MFA in an online landscape.

  • Also in March of 2020, I was understudying at The Shakespeare Theatre Company for their production of Timon of Athens, directed by Simon Godwin, which was cut short by...well, you know.

  • During the successive Pandemic, I have been asked to send in callback materials for Berkeley Rep, Studio Theatre, and Mosaic Theater Company. I also reached "live" Zoom final callbacks for Mosaic Theater and The Shakespeare Theatre Company.

  • I recently completed a contract at Chesapeake Shakespeare Company, playing Katherine in Henry V. Throughout the run of this fulfilling, ensemble-based creative production, my performance was mentioned in each professional review we received.

As it stands now, I have proudly joined the Union, and am eagerly awaiting the return of in-person auditions. I love to audition, I love to play, and I feel most useful when I am in service of telling a good story. So, let's collaborate! It would be great fun, and I'm ready for the work.


Call: (925) 464-3304

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